List of Services we Offer

We specialize in En Chamade (Horizontal Mounted) Trumpets which can be made of Copper or Brass, as well as the Mounting Frame & all supports that would be needed for Horizontal Mounting. Our materials for making Organ Pipes are of the Highest Quality and we can make duplicates of Moller , Skinner, or Wurlitzer Pipe Scaling.

The ReVoicing of older pipes consists of Washing the pipes on the outside, re-rounding of all pipes , straightening or replacing all scroll tuners, brushing on the inside and blowing with high pressure air to get all the dirt & dust out, as dirt is the main problem with older Reed Pipes.

We replace the Reed Tongues with Spring Temper Brass to insure Stability & Timbre for the future, as well as wedge & tuning wire replacement where necessary, in short, the pipes will be put back to like-new condition, and at a reasonable price.

We have Skilled Employees with many years of experience in both Pipe Makinq & Voicing, and are dedicated to giving the Customer the best possible Custom Service.